GuidesOctober 04, 2022

Supercharge your marketing stack with AI: The definitive guide

Want to take your personalization campaigns to the next level with AI, but don't know where to begin? This guide will teach you how to bring self-service AI to your marketing stack and engage with your customers based on predictive insights, all without an army of data scientists or writing a single line of code.

Maybe you've heard: AI is the next phase of digital transformation, and a train that no marketer can afford to miss. But how do you adopt AI into your team's tools and workflows efficiently, without hiring a whole new team of technical experts? This guide separates AI hype from reality, and lays out a simple strategy for transforming your marketing stack with AI.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to overcome the common hurdles that prevent marketing teams from powering campaigns with AI
  • Specific use cases for predictive analytics and intelligent recommendations
  • How to maximize the value of your AI insights across your entire marketing stack, not just a single tool

The guide also lays out an automated, end-to-end workflow for creating, activating, and updating predictive insights based on real-time customer events that marketers can implement without involving data scientists.

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