WebinarsDecember 10, 2019

Know your Audiences: Powering marketing and product initiatives with mParticle's audience suite

Learn how you can leverage mParticle's audience suite capabilities to create a customer-centric product roadmap, personalize messaging, and improve overall customer experience.

Audience segmentation often solicits a groan from marketers, engineers, and product managers alike because of its tendency to require hours of manual work every time a new segment is needed. But that doesn’t make it any less necessary or valuable when it comes to building a customer-centric roadmap, targeting the right customers with the right messaging, and optimizing experiences across devices and platforms.

Hear Ben Hoxie, Director of Product Management; Shabih Syed, Head of Product Marketing; and Kale Bogdanovs, Product Marketing Manager, discuss:

  • Why your segmentation needs advanced identity resolution and real-time syncing with downstream tools  
  • Best practices for creating and deploying personalized content in real-time with audiences
  • Use cases for specialized audiences applicable to any vertical 
  • And an overview of how mParticle’s audience suite can help you break down silos across your data, tools, and teams 

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