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Connect Looker to Mailchimp to maximize the impact of your email marketing data

mParticle lets you seamlessly utilize Looker’s industry-leading analytics platform to ensure your Mailchimp email campaigns are focused on high-value customer segments, and help to fine tune your cross-channel engagement strategy.

Looker is an industry-leading business intelligence and analytics platform that helps world class brands reveal the true power of their data and bring clarity to every situation. Delivering powerful visualization tools as well as the ability to access deep and impactful insights from datasets, Looker is an ideal tool for enhancing the solutions you’re already using across your data stack. 

Mailchimp is a leading email marketing platform that empowers millions of customers around the world to build their brands and grow their companies not only through email campaigns, but through a suite of marketing automation, multichannel campaign, CRM, and analytics tools as well.

As a best-in-class customer engagement tool, Mailchimp not only offers robust capabilities for designing and deploying emails, but delivers a rich analytics suite that allows customer to drill into analytics like click-through, open, purchase and download rates, among a wide range of other metrics. In addition, Mailchimp lets customers compare their emails statistics to industry peers, perform A/B testing and other activities to analyze performance. The data generated in Mailchimp is no doubt valuable within this platform's ecosystem, but you can significantly elevate its potential by integrating it with unified customer profiles in mParticle. By combining your email marketing insights with real-time, first-party data from across your company's touchpoints, then diving into these profiles with a leading analytics platform like Looker, your Mailchimp data will transcend email marketing and help guide cross-channel customer engagement and personalization.

Learn more about how mParticle’s Looker Feed and Mailchimp integrations enable you to build granular customer segments with high lifetime value, and execute strategic marketing campaigns across all of your engagement channels with greater efficiency.

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