WebinarsFebruary 20, 2020

Get your flywheel in motion with Data Master

Learn how mParticle's Data Master enables you to increase data quality throughout the customer data pipeline, allowing insights to compound, and making every campaign and product launch better than the last.

Companies have access to more data than ever. That should mean that extracting the data needed by different teams should be simple.

In practice, however, trying to get the right data is a labor-intensive process that takes up valuable time and doesn’t guarantee data accuracy. When data quality is sacrificed, it can pollute downstream tools, waste time and money, and breed distrust in reporting.

Maintaining high data quality not only mitigates these risks, but it also allows teams to improve personalization efforts and derive better insights over time, creating compounding returns throughout the entire product and customer lifecycle.

To help brands improve data quality, we’ve introduced Data Master 2.0. Now product managers, marketers, and developers can create Data Plans, enabling them to:

  • Collect data in a systematic and organized way
  • Manage how data is defined, unified, and forwarded
  • Validate data — surfacing unplanned or invalid data points with alerts — before it’s shared with downstream systems

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