WebinarsJune 12, 2020

Ensure proper event collection at run time

With mParticle's Data Planning API and CLI, developers have the freedom to work from any operating system and enable interaction with various mParticle services through simple terminal commands, making it easier to ensure proper event collection at run time.

Earlier this year, mParticle released the Data Master suite of data quality tools, which lets product managers, marketers and developers to work together to create data plans for their organization. A data plan is a living document that details the current ideal state of customer data collection. As your business needs change over time, your data plans can grow and adapt to change with them. 

mParticle’s Data Planning API and Command Line Interface (CLI) give developers the freedom to work from any operating system and enable UI-less interaction with various mParticle services and functions through simple terminal commands. You’re able to create, read, update, and delete data plans from anywhere, making it possible to build data quality guarantees directly into your version control and Continuous Integration processes.

To learn more about the Data Planning API and additional developer tools, watch our Linkedin Live demo session, led by the mParticle engineering team. The demo covers how you can:

  1. Create a data plan in mParticle to document the ideal state of data collection for your app
  2. Control your data schema via git
  3. Create/Read/Update and Delete Data Plans
  4. Integrate your Data Plans into your Continuous Integration process

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