Realize the full benefit of customer data with our new Data Planning tools and templates

Learn how data planning mitigates bad data early by aligning key stakeholders, setting expectations, and managing inevitable changes to achieve better outcomes and scale your business.

Only 3% of companies’ data meets basic quality standards leading to inaccurate and inconsistent information that ultimately leads to wasted marketing budgets, poorly executed customer experiences, and hours of tedious de-bugging for developers, all of which restricts business growth. Ultimately, no matter how much data a company has, it’s useless if it’s not accurate or teams don’t trust it. 

In this webinar, mParticle team members Niko Stahl, Andy Wong, Sean Ryan, and Shafiq Shivji discuss the importance of data planning and how planning helps:

  • Builds trust across key stakeholders
  • Speeds up development and reduces costly cleanups
  • Increases the efficacy of your downstream connections

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