WebinarsMay 13, 2020

Data quality management for developers

Ensuring data quality can be a major challenge. With Smartype, mParticle Data Plans can be translated into usable code, making it possible to improve data quality by implementing, reporting on, and transforming Data Plans on an ongoing basis.

Earlier this year, mParticle released the Data Master suite of data quality tools, which lets product managers, marketers and developers to work together to create data plans for their organization. A data plan is a living document that details the current ideal state of customer data collection. As your business needs change over time, your data plans can grow and adapt to change with them. 

No matter how comprehensive your data plan, all plans rely on developers to execute perfectly, across every app, website, and comms channel. To make this easier, mParticle is releasing a suite of tools designed specifically for developers, anchored by Smartype: an open-source product that uses Kotlin Multiplatform Programming to generate typesafe libraries that work across iOS, Android and Web. Using Smartype, you’re able to generate your own custom data collection library straight from your data plan, enabling you to solve the problem of data quality by simply making it impossible to log unplanned data.

To learn more about Smartype and additional developer tools, check out the recording of our LinkedinLive demo session, led by the mParticle engineering team. The demo covers how you can: 

  1. Create a data plan in mParticle to document the ideal state of data collection for your app.
  2. Automatically turn your data plan into typesafe libraries with Smartype to standardize data collection on iOS and Android.
  3. Use your preferred Version Control System to safely maintain your data plan, and integrate updates into your Continuous Integration process.
  4. Use Smartype’s open source tooling to create cross-platform libraries for collecting data against any JSON schema.

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