WebinarsSeptember 08, 2020

Driving digital transformation in financial services

Digital transformation in financial services has changed from being a goal for the future to a necessity for survival in the present. Hear how industry leaders are successfully driving digital transformation in their organizations.

The financial services industry is currently sitting on the precipice of massive change.

Digital adoption is at an all time high, and financial services leaders have recognized that a customer's engagement with their brand now extends far beyond the walls of their branches. According to a 2019 BDO report, 83% of financial executives identified digital transformation of the customer experience as their top long-term business goal last year.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing branch, office, and call center closures, institutions have had to speed up internal decision making processes in order to accelerate digital adoption.

Even amidst easing restrictions in certain regions, CACI reports that consumer mobility has only returned to 63% of pre-pandemic levels, suggesting that digital financial experiences will continue to be important in the future.

On Tuesday, September 29th, we sat down with financial services industry experts Miguel Navarro, VP of Voice and Emerging Platforms at TD Bank, and David Sealey, Director of Strategy and Growth at CACI, to discuss:

  • How digital banking is impacting the financial services industry, and what role the COVID-19 pandemic is playing in digital adoption
  • How customer data can be used to improve the digital banking experience
  • The challenges around integrating technology into the financial service customer experience
  • New research from CACI elucidating the impacts of COVID-19 on consumer behavior

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