WebinarsFebruary 26, 2019

Best practices for implementing the mParticle SDK in your mobile app

Learn how you can simplify mobile tagging by instrumenting the mParticle SDK in your app. Collect and activate the customer engagement data you need without taking time away from engineers’ core development cycles.

Mobile is now one of the most important channels for customer engagement, making it critical for companies to understand and optimize how customers experience your app. But, that’s easier said than done;  to understand how customers are using an app, companies need to be able to collect and track complex engagement data with the right tools, in the right way.

Listen to Matt Alexander, CTO of Cognetik, and Merritt Tidwell, Sales Engineer at mParticle, as they share best practices for instrumenting the mParticle SDK to help companies:

  • Create a mobile-centric data strategy
  • Avoid common pitfalls when instrumenting a TMS SDK for a mobile app
  • Prepare for instrumentation with data layer object management
  • Minimize app bloat and architecture complexity
  • Collect and activate valuable app engagement data without taking time away from engineers’ core development cycles

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