WebinarsJune 15, 2023

Use AI for better targeting and personalization with mParticle’s Predictive Audiences

Learn how to leverage AI-generated predictions to boost segmentation quality and improve the efficiency of personalization programs.

Hosted by the mParticle product team, watch this session to learn: 

  • How to create AI-predictions with no code or technical resources
  • How to use those predictions to create Predictive Audiences
  • About our new and upcoming feature updates for Predictive Audiences 

AI is all the rage these days, with exploding interest in generative AI tools like Chat-GPT or Bard. Those tools are great, but mParticle’s particular flavor of AI supports our ongoing mission: to help brands and marketers like yourself use customer data to deliver personalized customer experiences.

During this workshop, you’ll learn how to improve the quality and effectiveness of your existing segmentation practice with AI. You’ll also be the FIRST to get a glimpse into our upcoming feature release for Predictive Audiences.

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