How Drybar improves advertising efficiency with Somi Custom Feed


Drybar has transformed the salon market by leveraging digital to deliver personalized, 1:1 offers to their customers in real time. (See how Drybar uses location and behavioral data to deliver targeted push notifications to customers on the go here.) When designing digital campaigns, however, managing which customers not to target is arguably as important as managing which you do target. Sending an acquisition ad to customers that have recently converted or subscribed, for example, leads to a bad customer experience and wasted media budget.

Drybar uses an mParticle Custom Feed to ingest customer data from SomiWorks data warehouse into their mParticle workspace, sending appointment bookings (creation, completion, confirmation, cancellation, no-show), gift card purchases (purchase, redeem, refill) membership signups (subscription, redemption, cancellation) and product purchases to mParticle. Once collected into mParticle, this data is tied to unified customer profiles, which also contain data collected from Drybar’s iOS and web environments.

Next, the Drybar team uses mParticle’s Audience builder to define a segment of customers that have purchased either a single or double membership in the last 30 days. This audience is then connected to Google Ads (using the Google Ads Audience integration) and Facebook (using the Facebook Audience integration), where they are used as suppression lists on the non-member campaigns that the team is running. This use case ensures that no recently-subscribed members will receive ads designed for non-members, allowing for more efficient targeting and digital advertising campaigns while also eliminating the engineering workload that would be required to build custom data pipelines into Facebook and Google.

  • Data ingested
  • SomiWorks engagement data
  • Appointment bookings, gift card purchases, membership signups, product purchases
  • Use cases
  • Profile unification, audience building, audience forwarding to Facebook, Google Ads
  • Value gained
  • Improve ad message relevance and campaign efficiency

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