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Power first-party advertising with mParticle's Yahoo! integration

Yahoo! sees roughly 200b daily cross-screen data signals from search, mail, commerce, and content. With mParticle’s new integration with Yahoo!, connecting those data signals just got a lot easier.


First-party data brings a wealth of benefits: 

  • It’s the best investment teams can make
  • First-party data is your brand’s data
  • It’s data within your control

That’s why mParticle and Yahoo! are working together to make your first-party data work harder, so your teams won’t have to. This new integration makes it easier to connect data collected from any source to Yahoo! without any manual development.

mParticle and Yahoo!

Yahoo! unified ad tech stack includes a  demand-side platform (DSP), which gives customers the ability to programmatically purchase ad inventory across its portfolio of premium brands, including AOL, TechCrunch, and more, as well as the industry’s top third-party demand. Last year, the company rolled out a sustainable identifier, Verizon Media ConnectID, to enable advertisers to reach their audiences and provide people with relevant and useful connections with brands without the need for cookies. Our integration with Verizon Media’s DSP and sustainable identifier Verizon Media ConnectID assists our customers in sharing audiences designed in mParticle to target any user at any time via advertising across Yahoo!'s Marketplace Inventory within just a few clicks.


Yahoo! is a well-known leader in ad tech innovation. Their expanded DSP (demand-side platform) enables advertisers with a unified solution to control every aspect of their buys - from planning, buying, and management, to insights and optimization - across all formats and exclusive inventory opportunities.

Verizon Media’s DSP helps advertisers drive performance and branding programmatically across a diverse set of channels, including mobile, display, video, CTV, digital out-of-home, and audio.

mParticle excels at creating a single view of the user, designed using comprehensive cross-channel data. mParticle customers are already aware of how powerful it can be to have an individual user-level view to drive personalization and marketing use cases. mParticle’s new Yahoo! allows that same information to empower your advertising teams by sending audiences to an exclusive downstream inventory.

Benefits for Marketers

Know the customers you’re designing campaigns around
Marketing teams can leverage mParticle’s UI to build dynamic Audiences in just a few clicks. Those segments are by default built with existing mParticle Identities, ensuring you don’t lose sight of your users as data is sent directly downstream to Yahoo!. The integration removes the need to tap developer resources for ad hoc data requests when targeting specific users. This makes running a tailored campaign more convenient for Marketers and starts to redefine the approach of building a campaign with data when and how it’s needed.

  • Create audiences to power targeted ad campaigns across Yahoo! brands
  • Confidently design Audiences with the most recent membership statuses
  • Subscription statuses applied in real-time to every profile
  • Retarget lapsed users with promotional campaigns based on historical data
  • Seamless activation of advertiser first-party data through Yahoo!

Use relevant data to increase marketing
mParticle equips teams to leverage every aspect of their data that is housed in the data infrastructure. By feeding that data directly into Verizon Media’s DSP marketing teams are enabled with an integration that offers simplicity, flexibility, and transparency to manage campaigns and maximize performance. By coupling Yahoo!'s robust Native Marketplace formats and premium inventory fueled by powerful quality first-party data collected by mParticle, marketers can confidently navigate a cookie-less environment.

Get actionable Insights
mParticle’s powerful Audience builder allows teams to power segments of predefined users in real-time to be forwarded directly to Yahoo! to power campaigns. By using Verizon Media’s DSP alongside mParticle, it gives marketers a solution to control every aspect of their campaigns and exclusive advertising inventory opportunities.  

How it works

  1. Add the Yahoo! Audience integration from the Directory, and add a new configuration.
  2. Name your Connection, add your Verizon Media MDM ID, and name Verizon Media Folder.
  3. mParticle takes care of the rest!

Setup Instructions

Click here to find detailed instructions on the Yahoo! Audience Integration to enable the feed and start forwarding audience data to Yahoo!

Learn more about mParticle's Pathways partner program here.

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