EngineeringJune 07, 2017

Introducing Support for Cordova on Android and iOS

With mParticle's server-based architecture, your Cordova app will perform better with our single lightweight SDK than it would a series of other SDKs.

We’re excited to announce Cordova support!

Cordova enables development teams to leverage a single Javascript codebase and a unified mobile development environment to simultaneously create iOS and Android apps. In doing so, teams can maximize code-reuse and minimize testing requirements. This also allows developers with web experience to get a head-start developing for mobile.

Just as Cordova exposes a single API to write mobile applications for multiple platforms, mParticle exposes a single API to help you connect data between 100+ services. Many SDKs and API endpoints do not have a Cordova plugin – but by using mParticle you don’t need them to. The mParticle Cordova plugin uses our native, battle-tested iOS and Android SDKs under-the-hood, allowing you instant access to mParticle’s entire ecosystem of data partners.

Contact us or check it out on Github to learn more.

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