mParticle ProductJuly 30, 2018

Gain visibility into how customers engage with iOS App Extensions

Collect and link iOS App Extensions data with your main app data to understand how customers engage with your app.

Today’s consumers look to their connected devices to make their lives easier. Apps were just the beginning; people today want an  integrated, fluid experience where they are delivered the content, services, and answers they need when they need them.

Apple introduced App Extensions in iOS 8 as a way for developers to integrate their apps into consumers’ everyday lives, beyond the “app” itself. With App Extensions, developers can surface an app’s core functionality to users via other apps or widgets without the need to physically open the app. For example, using the widget extension, users can view top headlines from their favorite news apps on their home screen, without having to launch the main app.

To help developers get a full understanding of how customers are using their app, mParticle recently expanded iOS SDK capabilities to include support for all nine iOS App Extensions—so that you can collect and link extension usage data with main app data.

With mParticle, brands can track what actions users have taken via the extensions as well as in app, giving them a holistic picture of how users are engaging with their app and helping them to optimize the user experience.   

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