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OH SNAP! Optimize your ad campaigns with the mParticle Snapchat Conversions API integration

mParticle’s new Snapchat Conversions API integration can help you make the most of your Snapchat ad campaigns.

mparticle snapchat integration

With mParticle’s Snap Conversions API integration, you can easily take existing event data in mParticle and forward it over to Snapchat. In the below video, mParticle’s James Flores walks you through how easily this can be setup.

Originally known for ephemeral photo sharing, Snap has grown from a single app into a multi-platform advertising company. Their flagship application, Snapchat, the Spectacles product, and a variety of publisher tools provide brands a unique platform to reach targeted audience segments with engaging and personalized content. Now, the Snapchat Conversions API is helping customers optimize their ad campaigns, and improve targeting, measurement, and privacy controls.

While the Snapchat Conversions API is a big upgrade in its own right, you can now take your Snapchat campaigns even further by leveraging the mParticle Snapchat Conversions API integration.

What does mParticle Snapchat Conversion API integration do?

The Snapchat Conversion API integration is a server-to-server integration that allows you to sync web, app, and offline data from mParticle directly to Snap without any development. You can use your first-party data to target specific audiences in real-time, either reengaging existing customers to increase customer value or reaching new customers to drive acquisition. Campaigns can be further optimized by sending follow-up events to Snap based on customer engagement with ads (events such as view, open, add to cart, etc), allowing detailed campaign measurement and retargeting right in Snapchat Ads Manager.


Reach the right customers

Marketers can’t afford to waste campaign dollars on consumers they didn’t intend to reach. The mParticle integration enables marketing teams to power Snapchat’s advanced campaign tools with your own first-party data, providing much more control over who you reach. Segment your audience using customer attributes or behavior that you’re already collecting into mParticle, then send just that customer data into Snapchat without any development work.

Build multi-channel journeys

Today’s consumer requires at least 6 touchpoints before converting to a purchase. Although Snapchat may be a very important channel to reach your customers, it’s just one step on that journey. By building multi-step Journeys in mParticle you can connect Audiences to Snapchat and define follow-up actions, such as email and push sends, based on how users engage.

Improve data privacy control

In a McKinsey & Co. study of 1,000 consumers, 87% of respondents stated that they would not engage with a brand if they had concerns about its privacy practices. Consumers are becoming more aware of data privacy, and brands have a responsibility to manage data transparently and support consumers’ data privacy preferences. 

mParticle collects customer consent preferences and unifies them to 360-degree customer profiles. This allows marketing teams to build Audiences to only include customers who have given consent, ensuring that the data of customers who don’t consent isn’t sent to Snapchat.

And like that…

In 2021, researchers studying finger snapping discovered that a snap happens twenty times faster than the blink of an eye. Although we can’t promise results quite that quick, for mParticle customers, integrating your customer data into the Snapchat Conversions API takes only minutes. That’s how fast you can spin up new campaigns that take advantage of Snap’s stronger optimization, robust targeting, and improved measurement. You’ll reach the people you need to, while avoiding the ones you don’t, with industry-leading privacy control and support for multi-channel journeys.

For more details on how to setup the mParticle Snap Conversions integration, head on over to our docs page.

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