Data-Driven Personalization


Optimize each step in multi-channel journeys across a customer’s lifetime.


Create consistency throughout customer touchpoints.

    Journey Builder
  • Build multi-path journeys in a visual interface. Create different paths in the journey to personalize your messaging and engagement strategy.

    Journey Integrations
  • Continuously sync audiences in real-time to any mParticle Audience API partners who deliver the last-mile ads, messaging, and media experiences.

    Path Controls
  • Control how and when customers flow through journey paths by setting custom business rules at key journey milestones.

    Journey Experiments
  • Compare how different journey paths or engagement channels impact overall business goals or subsequent journey milestones.

Analyze, test, and orchestrate journeys for optimal impact

Craft multi-path and multi-stage journeys

Leverage data from all sources to craft ideal cross-channel journeys. Create multiple journey paths so that customer engagement determines which path they follow. Build journeys for a micro-moment or for the entire lifecycle.

Orchestrate experiences across popular channels

Send customers who reach key points in a journey to 75+ Audience partners who deliver the last-mile engagement. Set custom rules to orchestrate when, where, and how customers are engaged.

See the holistic impact of journeys

Powered by Indicative, assess how each customer touchpoint influences the following ones across the customer lifetime. Discover the most popular customer journeys or find alternate, yet equally successful path to conversion.

Validate your organizational journey strategy

Create experiments inside the Journey Builder interface. Send variants of customer audiences to different engagement partners to compare strategies and analyze each one’s impact on subsequent conversion goals.