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Power personalized omni-channel promotions in Voucherify with customer insights in mParticle

By connecting mParticle with Voucherify, brands are able to use the most relevant customer data to build and optimize promotional campaigns in real time.


Consumers now expect coupons, discounts, incentives, and recommendations that align with their personal interests. It’s impossible for brands to deliver individualized experiences without access to high-quality customer data.  The Voucherify and mParticle integration enables brands to build highly personalized promotional campaigns on top of a real-time feed of contextual customer data and insights.

Voucherify and mParticle

Voucherify is an API-first Promotion Engine with a suite of tools for creating, managing, and distributing marketing campaigns – from one-off promo codes to multi-leveled loyalty programs. Voucherify is built with advanced APIs that connect to any frontends or third-party applications, supporting modern omnichannel promotional experiences. 

mParticle is an AI-powered, real-time Customer Data Platform that powers the entire customer data stack by combining data quality and compliance protections with rich insights and predictions.  It enables companies to integrate and orchestrate data from multiple sources, such as mobile apps, websites, data warehouses, and connected devices, and use it to create a continuous view of the customers and power real-time personalization across channels.

By connecting mParticle with Voucherify, brands are able to power impactful promotional campaigns with real-time customer insights.

The new integration of mParticle and Voucherify is an exciting way to better understand the behavior of our referral programs and to be able to personalize offers and promotions. Now, all of the real-time signal and full customer profile that we maintain in mParticle can be used to optimize our strategies in Voucherify

Antonio Barceló

Chief Experience Officer at Broxel Pay

How it works

The integration enables brands to both connect data they have in mParticle to Voucherify, and also to feed data from Voucherify to mParticle, without engineering support.  

Brands can send the comprehensive consumer profile data they have in mParticle to Voucherify and use it to build complex campaign eligibility and targeting strategies. 

Audiences created in mParticle based on customer attributes, journey analytics, or predictive insights can be sent to Voucherify to inform targeting in Voucherify. 

Brands can use Voucherify’s leading engagement features in many creative ways – including Coupons, Gift Cards, Referrals, Digital Wallets, and other digital promotions.



Use the continuous consumer profile in mParticle to inform strategies in Voucherify

Rich consumer data in mParticle can be used to inform personalized coupons, cart-level promotions, digital gift cards, loyalty and referral programs, and digital wallets in Voucherify.

Enhance customer profiles in mParticle with data and insights from Voucherify

Send Redemption, Validation, and Customer reward event data form Voucherify to mParticle to improve understanding of how consumers are engaging across all interaction points and  inform future strategies.

To learn more, you can explore the mParticle platform demo here.

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