mParticle ProductSeptember 19, 2018

What’s new at mParticle, September 2018

To serve our customers in a rapidly-changing environment, mParticle is committed to expanding its partner ecosystem by continuously adding new partners and integrations. Here’s a round up of the top integrations added in September 2018:

New events integrations


Bluecore is a cross-channel retail marketing platform specializing in email. Their AI-driven decision engine determines the optimal timing and content of the next campaign to surface to individual shoppers, delivering relevant content for shoppers and increased revenue for brands.

This new integration makes it easy for brands to leverage mobile data to inform campaigns.  Once enabled, mParticle streams mobile data, like purchases and product views, to Bluecore’s platform to inform email campaigns.   


Signal is a real-time data onboarding and media activation solution. Their platform can ingest hundreds of thousands of offline customer profiles in fractions of a second and activate them across chosen destinations in minutes.

This new integration streamlines the process of connecting first-party customer data from mobile, web, and connected devices to Signal. First-party data can then be used to drive contextually relevant media targeting based on live-intent signals.

Conversion Logic

Conversion Logic is a leading cross-channel attribution, measurement, and analytics platform that enables marketing efficiency, optimization, and scale by delivering predictive and valuable insights in real time.

This new integration funnels customer data from across devices and channels to the XC Logic® Platform. The dashboard highlights both cross-channel performance and performance by channel to provide insight into which channels are most effective and which channels work best together.

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