GrowthJune 13, 2018

People-centric advertising, made smarter

Using mParticle as the data foundation for its media attribution analytics, Gilt increased ad efficiency by 20%

Gilt, which began as a web-based flash sale site in 2007, decided to shift its focus towards personalized luxury. On finding that 60% of their sales could be traced back to mobile, they realized they needed to personalize their marketing efforts through this very important channel, while maximizing its efficiency.


The Gilt marketing team was charged not only with acquiring customers, but acquiring the right sort of customers—high value, loyal ones. However, they struggled to find the right attribution methodologies, with different attribution vendors leapfrogging one another in data quality and sophistication. Meanwhile, they also needed to link financial measures to acquisition metrics—which were housed outside of those attribution vendors—to create a complete understanding of acquired customers’ value according to media partner and channel.


mParticle enabled Gilt to collect and integrate their customer data with minimal engineering work. With this consolidated view, the team was able to test different attribution vendors until they found the right one to fit their business needs.

By linking data from internal warehouses and CRM systems with the attribution vendors’ records, the team was also able to identify the highest-density sources of high-value customers and invest more behind those partners with confidence and ease.

mParticle provides my team with the ability to move nimbly in what is typically an extremely difficult space to put infrastructure in place.

Alexandra Press Maguire

Digital Marketing Director, Gilt


Using mParticle, Gilt was able to improve its media optimization strategy, as well as its overall data ops agility, Gilt’s advertising programs increased in efficiency by 20%.

Customer Success Story: Gilt Groupe

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