Collect and connect Crossing Minds data with mParticle

Personalize your user experience and add recommendations like "Related Items" using the world's smartest recommendation API. Crossing Minds understands user behavior to deliver extremely relevant products - without using cookies.

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PlatformAndroid, iOS, Mobile Web, Out of Band


Minimum mParticle SDK Version
Mobile Web0.0
Out of Band0.0
Data Types
Commerce Event
User IDs
mParticle ID
Device IDs
Available Configurations Added


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Personalize the Customer Journey

Stream real-time, actionable data to Crossing Minds to increase conversion and engagement rates

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Improve the Customer Experience

Collect and analyze behavioral data with Crossing Minds to improve customer onboarding and retention

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Enrich with Third Party Data

Enrich Crossing Minds data with data from other third-party services for enhanced insight and actionability

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