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Salesforce partnership

Through mParticle, marketers can sync Marketing Cloud campaigns and insights with the rest of their stack to deliver a more seamless customer experience

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful digital marketing platform used by leading brands to deliver consumer engagement at scale across channels and devices. Marketing Cloud includes integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social, and much more.

mParticle’s partnership with Marketing Cloud enables marketers to sync their Marketing Cloud campaigns and insights with the rest of their marketing and analytics stack to deliver a more connected and seamless customer experience. mParticle offers the following pre-built integrations that make it easy to work with Marketing Cloud without having to rely on Salesforce implementation experts:

  • Stream real-time data from mobile, web, connected devices, data warehouses, and more directly to Marketing Cloud
  • Extract data from Marketing Cloud and connect it to other tools
  • Sync dynamically updated audience segments to Marketing Cloud

The integrations are used by leading brands like NBC and Etsy to run customized campaigns in Marketing Cloud that leverage rich customer data such as in-app purchases, location, and previous campaign interactions, all with a few clicks.

Coordinate Marketing Cloud and paid media campaigns

Let’s say you are a retailer looking to promote an in-store sales event with a multi-channel campaign. With a few clicks, you can create a segment of customers who visited a certain store location within the past month. Then, with mParticle’s AudienceSync, you can connect the segment to Marketing Cloud Email Studio to deliver emails promoting the event, and to Snapchat and Facebook to deliver ads featuring the same message. And AudienceSync manages the audience across all connected platforms, continuously updating it as customers convert by opening an email or clicking on ads. This guarantees that you, the retailer, never pay for wasted ad impressions that are served to users who already converted.

Previously, the aforementioned process would have taken marketers weeks, even months, to complete, all depending on engineerings availability to unify data, run queries, and set up integrations with Salesforce, Facebook, and Snapchat.  With mParticle and Marketing Cloud’s pre configured integrations, marketers can get a multi-channel campaign up and running in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

Analyze cross-channel campaign effectiveness

To truly understand a marketing channel’s performance and effectiveness, marketers need the ability to compare multiple campaigns run across different channels in real-time. But this is hard given that data is usually spread across systems that are not connected to each other. And bringing it all together would involve engineers spending countless hours building custom data pipelines. mParticle makes it easy to stream campaign performance metrics from Marketing Cloud to your data warehouse or analytics tools of choice, including Redshift, BigQuery, GA, Looker, and many more.

Furthermore, mParticle allows you to combine metrics such as email opens, CTR, and unsubscribes from Marketing Cloud with attribution data from Facebook, Google Ads, Braze, and many other tools into a central data warehouse like Redshift. This provides a complete view of all the campaigns running across multiple channels. Marketing and analytics teams can then run advanced analytics within Redshift to determine which campaigns are the most effective and optimize spend in real-time.

Feed the Marketing Cloud Einstein prediction engine with real-time data

Marketing Cloud Einstein is the Salesforce AI engine that gives marketers the ability to use analytics to predict customer behavior and preferences based on insights from both historical and real-time data. And for the engine to build the most accurate predictive models, it needs to be fed customer interaction data from across various touch points as interactions occur.

mParticle’s integration with Marketing Cloud gives marketers the ability to do just that—stream raw event data in real-time from mobile apps, web, and other platforms to Marketing Cloud Einstein. Marketers can now build models that predict the optimal timing, channel, content, and audience for any marketing message without expensive implementation and BI resources.

Want to learn more?

Enabling these integrations through the mParticle platform is fast, easy, and reliable. Start coordinating your Marketing Cloud campaigns and insights with the rest of your marketing and analytics stack to deliver a more connected and seamless customer experience.  Get started with Marketing Cloud and mParticle today!

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