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Snapchat partnership with mParticle

By partnering with mParticle, marketers can coordinate Snapchat ads with the rest of their marketing and analytics stack for a seamless customer experience.

Snapchat’s Ad Platform is at the forefront of redefining how brands reach their target audiences with a unique platform built for sharing, engaging, and personalized content. Their ad products include Snap Ads, Filters, Lenses, predefined audiences, lookalike expansions, and advanced analytics.

Their flagship product Snap Ads, mobile-native video ads at its best, are viewed by 178+ million active Snapchatters every day. In addition to offering advertisers access to an extensive millennial user base and cutting-edge ad products, Snapchat offers goal-based bidding options that aims to deliver ads to users that have the highest propensity to convert.

Last year, mParticle was selected as one of the first Snapchat Audience Match Partners, enabling brands like Seatgeek, King, Jet, and Spotify to easily onboard their first-party data and combine it with Snapchat’s user insights to improve targeting. We have since expanded our integrations to make it easier for brands to run high-performance and cost-effective campaigns on Snapchat.

We offer the following pre-built integrations:

  • Stream event-level data to Snapchat via mParticle, without having to install Snapchat’s SDK
  • Use AudienceSync to create audience lists based on any combination of customer traits including past behaviors, interests, and lifetime value directly and sync it to Snapchat for custom targeting, suppression, or to create lookalike audiences
  • Send attribution data such as app installs and purchases directly from mobile apps, connected devices, and from providers such as Appsflyer, Tune, Adjust, and Kochava to Snapchat’s analytics platform for campaign measurement and real-time optimization

Lower acquisition costs with better targeting accuracy & universal suppression

There’s no point in targeting people with app-install ads if they’ve already downloaded your app or simply aren’t a good fit. But there are challenges marketers face when trying to avoid wasting ad impressions on uninterested audiences.

For one, managing a list of all active users, keeping it updated, and then sharing the most updated list with each advertising partner is extremely time consuming and raises privacy concerns. In addition, for marketers to user first-party data to reach the right audience they have to manually upload individual CSV files to Snapchat for each campaign or ask engineering to build a custom integration to get data into Snapchat Now, with mParticle as a Snapchat Audience Match Partner, advertisers can bypass these time-consuming steps and easily leverage their existing customer data to improve targeting with a few clicks.

SeatGeek uses mParticle to create an audience list of all their active users and sync it across their advertising partners including Facebook, Instagram, Liftoff, and Snapchat. Snapchat then matches users based on their IDFA’s and other identifiers to exclude them from app-install campaigns. The list of active users is kept up to date across all partners with mParticle’s SDK collecting install events directly from SeatGeek’s Android and iOS apps. SeatGeek was wasting somewhere between 30% and 40% of impressions on people who already had the app installed. With mParticle they are able to instantly suppress existing app users from being targeted.

Integrate Snapchat ads with the rest of your marketing and advertising

Customers expect consistent experiences, and if you’re not constantly engaging with them, they can get distracted or lose interest. And with the customer journey spread across web, mobile, online, offline, Snapchat, and Instagram, it’s complicated for brands to know when and where to engage customers.

mParticle helps marketers keep up with customers and coordinate their journeys across multiple touchpoints. For example, let’s say you’re trying to drive purchase conversions by re-engaging customers on Snapchat to inform them about your annual sale. With mParticle, it’s possible to automate the following customer journey:

  • Customer receives a Snap Ad based on their multiple visits to the website
  • They swipe up on the Snap Ad and view a brief video
  • Because they watched a Snap Ad they are automatically added to an audience that is connected to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and set up to trigger an email about the sale
  • The customer then receives an email about the sale happening online and in-store

Improve attribution and optimize advertising spend

Optimizing digital media spend requires a complete understanding of every ad, email, and push notification customers were exposed to and how they responded. But the data required for a single, unified view is locked away in executional systems and requires engineering assistance to access it.

mParticle eliminates the need for engineering involvement by allowing marketers to connect Snapchat attribution data from Tune, Adjust, Appsflyer, and Kochava to their preferred analytics and BI tools with just a few clicks. This gives marketers the unified view they need to fully understand each channel’s impact on the customer journey.

In addition, mParticle makes it easy to combine attribution data from multiple Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat campaigns to allow brands to compare performance amongst ad networks and optimize spend. Brands can also optimize their Snapchat Ad spend by sending conversion data directly to Snapchat’s API via mParticle and using their machine learning capabilities to deliver ads to audiences that are more likely to engage.

Enabling these integrations through the mParticle platform is fast, easy, and reliable. Start coordinating your Snapchat Ads with the rest of your marketing and analytics stack to deliver a more connected and seamless customer experience. Get started with Snapchat and mParticle today

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