mParticle ProductOctober 31, 2017

Reward customers in moments that matter with Kiip and mParticle

mParticle’s integration with Kiip allows brands to reward customers by unlocking the power of moment-based marketing.

Mobile advertising can be invasive and significantly disrupt the customer experience with annoying pop-ups and irrelevant messages. In mobile especially, brands need to focus increasingly on reaching customers at the right, most relevant time.

Kiip, a rewards platform embedded in over 5,000 mobile apps, enables “moment-based” marketing by rewarding customers for completing actions in the apps they use everyday. And it works. On average, users that claim a Kiip reward spend 68% more time in a brand’s app, double the session length, and open the app 31% more frequently.

mParticle’s new integration with Kiip allows brands to unlock the power of moment-based marketing. Marketers can now transform raw mobile data into audience segments and instantly connect it to Kiip, all from within the mParticle platform. Kiip will use the audience segments to set up and execute a reward system based on users in-app actions.

Kiip also works with attribution partners like Tune, Kochava, and Appsflyer to measure effectiveness of their ads. mParticle allows brands to combine attribution data with other user data to provide brands with a deeper understanding of their customers for more better data-driven decision-making. For example, marketers trialing Kiip ads may see that they seem to have a positive impact on customer lifetime value, leading them to implement Kiip ads on a longer-term basis.

Enabling this integration through the mParticle platform is fast, easy, and reliable. You can begin using reward-based advertising to improve engagement, drive more conversions, and increase customer loyalty, by getting started with Kiip and mParticle today.

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