mParticle ProductNovember 14, 2017

Analyze cross-channel campaign performance with Tenjin and mParticle

mParticle’s integration allows marketers to use Tenjin for campaign attribution without installing their SDK, significantly reducing integration resources.

For many marketers, acquiring new users means more campaigns, across more channels using more tools. Oftentimes this translates to more data, and marketers must piece it all together to get a better grasp on each channel’s effect on campaign ROI. Aggregating this data using Excel or BI tools leaves room for human error, frequent bugs, and high overhead costs.

Tenjin was developed to give brands a panoramic customer view with unparalleled data depth. It organizes all your advertising campaigns to see what’s working and what isn’t, side-by-side, in real-time. This provides brands with the power to quickly identify campaigns that pose a threat to ROI and double down on campaigns that are performing well.

mParticle’s latest integration allows marketers to use Tenjin for campaign attribution without having to install their SDK, significantly reducing integration time and costs. Additionally, the integration allows brands to easily stream commerce and other custom events data directly from their apps via mParticle to Tenjin’s mobile marketing analytics platform for further analysis.

Enabling this integration through the mParticle platform is fast, easy, and reliable. Begin analyzing attribution across channels and gain access to the insights needed to optimize campaigns by getting started with Tenjin and mParticle today!

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