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mParticle Recognized as Leading Customer Data Platform for QSR & Dining Brands

Leading companies such as Burger King, KFC, and CKE Restaurants have selected mParticle due to mParticle's leading platform capabilities, versatile integration directory, and extensive QSR industry experience.


NEW YORK - Dec. 19, 2022 - mParticle, a leader in customer data infrastructure, has hit a new milestone now driving personalization for 50% of the top 30 QSR companies as named in QSR Magazine’s 2022 annual report. As the Customer Data Platform of choice for many of the world’s largest QSR brands, mParticle is using AI and newly added loyalty integrations to help brands power personalized guest experiences.

QSR brands are navigating a new landscape, in which consumers are increasingly adopting online buying behaviors, such as curbside pickup, and have become more digitally native, often favoring mobile as the platform on which to place orders and participate in loyalty programs. To drive revenue, QSR brands need to establish a customer data foundation that allows them to deliver digital guest experiences that are up to date in real time, optimized for the nuances of mobile ordering, and consistent across customer touchpoints.  

Leading companies including Burger King, KFC, and CKE Restaurants (Carl’s Jr., Hardee's) selected mParticle as their Customer Data Platform due to mParticle’s leading platform capabilities, versatile integration directory, and extensive QSR industry experience. Using mParticle, business teams at QSR brands can access a rich first-party customer data set and connect it to their preferred loyalty, CRM, analytics, advertising, and data warehousing tools in real-time, without reliance on engineering resources.

“mParticle allows us to simplify our customer data pipeline and deliver real-time personalized experiences,” says Asher Perlmutter, CTO at Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI). “With mParticle in place, we can create a 360-degree view of the customer across our brands and power real-time experiences that increase guest engagement.”

As the restaurant industry evolves, mParticle continually develops its offering to empower restaurant brands. Most recently, mParticle has partnered with loyalty providers PAR’s Punchh, SessionM, Talon.One, and Paytronix to release new integrations. These integrations allow teams to enrich their loyalty tools with high-quality behavioral data from their CDP, making it easier to trigger contextualized campaigns, and to bring data from their loyalty tool into their CDP, from which it can be synced with engagement tools for better personalization and journey analytics.

mParticle’s Cortex AI platform unlocks a new level of customer insights and personalization.  Marketing teams at QSR brands are collecting more customer data now than ever before, and increasingly depend on Data Science to gain insights such as next best offer and likelihood to churn. With mParticle’s Cortex AI platform, non-technical teams can easily generate predictive insights and use them to increase campaign efficiency and power better personalization across channels.

In addition to these new releases, there are core capabilities that provide ongoing impact for customer-centric QSR brands.

  1. Collect customer data in real time
    mParticle native SDKs and APIs allow QSR brands to collect customer data from mobile apps, websites, POS systems, loyalty platforms, and other SaaS tools in real time. With a single point of customer data collection, teams can streamline their customer data tracking and simplify data quality management and governance.
  2. Create a 360-degree view of the customer
    mParticle makes it easy for brands to unify guest data across sources and automatically resolves cross-device data to holistic customer profiles. With pre-sign-up purchases unified to known purchases on the same guest profile automatically, teams can spend less time trying to stitch profiles together and more time analyzing the customer journey, delivering tailored experiences to all guests, and building loyalty.
  3. Deliver real-time personalization
    Restaurant guests engage on-the-go and expect time-based experiences such as meal delivery, curbside pickup, and order updates. mParticle collects data and syncs it to any connected systems in real-time, enabling marketing teams to orchestrate triggered messages and location-based experiences across channels.

“mParticle is showing incredible traction as the Customer Data Platform of choice by QSR brands,” says Jesse Dundon, Managing Director of Restaurant & Convenience at Bounteous. “What sets mParticle apart in the QSR world is the platform’s real-time capabilities and unique integrations with loyalty, location, and engagement tools. These tools make it possible for marketing teams to deliver differentiated experiences that are only limited by their creativity.”

Beyond QSR, mParticle is the Customer Data Platform of choice for companies across industries, trusted by leading organizations such as NBCUniversal, Airbnb, and JetBlue. To learn more about mParticle’s solutions for QSR brands, visit:

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