mPulse Developer Digest September 2022

September 13th, 2022 
Welcome to the September edition of mPulse Developer Digest! Summer is winding down, and hopefully the warmer months brought you some time to relax, recharge, and reflect. (If not, fall is great for that too!) We’ve had a busy few months here at mParticle, what with our acquisition of the AI personalization platform Vidora and our launch on AWS Marketplace. We’d love to catch you up on some other developments that you may find interesting.
Assess your customer data maturity
Self reflection is hard, whether it’s focused on your personal life or the way your team works every day. That’s why we developed this customer data maturity quiz to help teams assess where they are along the road to fully realizing the potential of their customer data. There are no wrong answers, and the results will help you find ways to work more seamlessly (i.e. spend less time) with your marketing and product teams around customer data.
Customer Data Maturity
See how marketers can generate AI insights (without your help!)
Enriching customer data with AI opens up a lot of doors for marketing teams, but generating these insights can be time-intensive for engineers. While personalizing marketing messaging is important for the company, it’s probably not the best use of the engineering team’s time. Now, mParticle lets marketers generate predictive insights themselves, all within a user interface. This blog post walks through how that’s done.
All mParticle customers can try Indicative for free
mParticle acquired the product analytics platform Indicative earlier this year to help marketers and PMs understand product usage without writing a line of code. Now, all mParticle customers can try Indicative free for 30 days. What does this mean for you? The more these teams can serve their own product analytics needs, the less time you need to spend querying, transforming, and delivering datasets to them. If that sounds like a dream, it might be worth checking out this blog post (and sharing it with your favorite PM).
And that’s it for housekeeping. If you want to keep up with developments, announcements, and new content from mParticle, keep an eye on our blog!
Other items from the intertubes we found interesting this month:
The Customer Identity Resolution Paradox, by David Chan
What we talk about when we talk about data practitioners, by Jason Ganz
Data Pipeline Architecture: A variety of ways you can build your Data Pipeline, by Saikat Dutta
Why the "modern data stack" isn't the answer  5 leaders dive in
Michael Katz, CEO and co-founder of mParticle, is joined by Lauren Balik, Principal and Owner of Upright Analytics, Chad Sanderson, Head of Product for Data Platform at Convoy, Ethan Aaron, Founder and CEO of Portable, and David Yaffe, Founder and CEO of Estuary, as they highlight how brands like Airbnb, Burger King, Venmo, and Overstock evaluate the technology they need to stay successful and deliver meaningful experiences to their customers.
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