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All mParticle customers can now try Indicative for free

mParticle customers can now try self-service analytics platform Indicative free for 30 days. Indicative helps marketers and PMs understand customer journeys, drive conversion, increase engagement, and retain customers––all without writing a line of code.


Understanding how your customers interact with your product and identifying friction along user journeys can be a time-consuming and costly process. This is especially true when product and marketing teams have to rely on engineers to collect, track, and visualize the in-product user data they need to guide product strategy and optimize engagement campaigns. 

mParticle recently acquired the product analytics platform Indicative to help business teams address these problems. Indicative empowers growth teams to understand customer journeys, drive conversion, increase engagement, and retain customers all within a user interface––without filling out an engineering ticket or writing a line of SQL. Indicative puts product analytics in the hands of business teams, enabling them to make data-driven decisions more easily.

Now, all mParticle customers can take advantage of a fully-featured 30-day free trial of Indicative to explore its features and get actionable customer insights in seconds.  

Once you launch your Indicative free trial, all user events and attributes collected with mParticle will be immediately available within Indicative. Historical events within a 30-day lookback period will be available in Indicative as well, and each workspace within your mParticle organization will have automatic access to the Indicative trial. This means you can start generating and using deep product analytics without collecting new data points or partitioning new users and permissions. 

What can you do with Indicative?

No matter where you are in your product analytics journey, Indicative can give you a deeper look into how your customers interact with each product and feature that you ship. For instance, you can perform segmentation analysis to discover which users are most likely to convert, subscribe, renew, or churn. You can also use cohort analysis tools to learn which features and campaigns are engaging your customers and driving revenue. 

One particularly powerful way to understand your user journeys is with Indicative’s Multipath Funnels feature. In many analytics tools on the market today, analyzing the touchpoints your users interact with, and determining the impact that each one has on a specified outcome, is a complex and time-intensive process. It requires defining multiple linear paths, and looking at these side-by-side to see which features cause drop-off and which aid journey completion. 

With Multipath Funnels, however, you can define a complex funnel containing all of the touchpoints you want to analyze using an intuitive query builder in the Indicative UI. Once your funnel is built out, Indicative displays the funnel as an array of multiple user journeys, making it easy to quickly see how different features, landing pages, and interactions impact journey completion. Multipath Funnels also makes it easy to see how long it takes customers to convert, what percentage of customers convert, and how conversion compares across customer segments. 


How do you sign up for an Indicative free trial?

All mParticle users regardless of permission level can begin an Indicative free trial.Here’s how to get started:

Step 1

At the home screen of your mParticle workspace, click the “Indicative NEW” label in the left-hand navigation bar. 

Step 2

Click the “Sign up for a Free Trial” button on the following screen.

Step 3

Review the terms of service (ToS) on the following screen, then click “Accept Terms & Conditions” if you deem them acceptable. (Your CSM and mParticle’s legal team can work with you to modify these terms if necessary.)

Step 4

At the next screen, you can select inputs from the current workspace from which to forward data to the Indicative org that will be created. You’ll also be able to choose which mParticle users to add to your Indicative free trial. Finally, the default option to replay 30 days of historical data is automatically selected. You can deselect this by clicking the “Edit” link, however this historical replay is strongly recommended for you to get the most out of your Indicative trial.

Step 5

Now mParticle will automatically create an event connection to forward data from your mParticle workspace to your new Indicative tenant.

And that’s it! You’ve launched your Indicative free trial, and now you can begin uncovering all sorts of insights about your customers’ behavior and preferences, and answering questions like:

  • What is our best path to conversion?
  • Which features drive our customers to upsell? 
  • Which journeys create friction?
  • Who are our best, most loyal customers?
  • With which customer cohorts are we falling short? 
  • What are our users doing before converting and churning?

How is Indicative being used by teams today? 

When the menswear retailer INDOCHINO wanted to find ways to boost conversion rates and remain agile in their rapidly-changing market, they looked to Indicative to uncover product optimization opportunities. Shortly thereafter, they discovered that “suddenly anyone on our marketing team, anyone on our ecomm team—no matter how technologically advanced they are—can easily grab the data,” according to Alex Nazarevich, VP of Growth at INDOCHINO. After INDOCHINO’s product team performed a funnel analysis that led them to redesign their checkout page and flow, the brand saw a 10% increase in checkout completions. 

Get started today

If you are an mParticle customer and want to dive deeper into your product, reduce friction, and increase conversion, start your Indicative free trial from your mParticle workspace by following the steps above. If you’re not yet using mParticle, you can sign-up to get started here.

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