Why should engineers care about Customer Data Platforms?

Fewer vendor implementations, cleaner code, and faster apps are just a few ways in which engineering teams benefit when companies adopt a CDP. Read the free guide and explore additional resources to learn more.

The Complete Guide to CDPs for Engineers


  • Reclaim your time
  • Replace individual vendor integrations with a single access point for your customer data. Minimize the time you spend maintaining third-party systems so you can build more and maintain less.

  • Simplify your code
  • Remove code clutter from your projects by eliminating complex vendor integrations. Prevent data quality errors before they occur with comprehensive developer tools

  • Improve product performance
  • No more excessive TCP network time and slow TLS handshakes. Eliminate third-party dependencies to improve load time and app stability.

cdp for engineering

Streamline data ingestion with a single point of collection

CDPs replace individual vendor SDKs with a single point of access for customer and event data. Non-technical stakeholders are empowered to connect and direct the flow of data without engineering support.

  • Spend less time maintaining third-party APIs and more time building core features

  • Minimize your SDK footprint and ship leaner, more performant products

  • Free yourself from endless data shipping cycles

Leverage developer tools for data quality and efficiency.

CDPs deliver developer tools that bring the data plan into your codebase.

  • CLI: Interface directly with your CDP services through simple terminal commands

  • Linting: Statically lint code against your data plan as you develop and ensure that high quality data is logged to your workspace

  • Smartype: Eliminate an entire class of data quality bugs by generating statically-typed data models based on the popular JSON schema standard.

“Using mParticle has allowed us to stay on track with our product roadmap. We no longer need to think about whether or not we have the engineers to implement a new vendor, we can now think more about choosing the right vendor.”

Head of Data Engineering, Venmo

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