Data Quality


For engineers to ensure proper event collection at run time with automated code completion to eliminate incorrect cross-platform instrumentations

mparticle smartype


Built for developers to naturally prevent data quality issues

    Data plans as code
  • All constants called for in the Data Plan (event names, attribute names, enum values) available as a machine readable JSON Schema

    Data Planning API
  • Programmatically perform all CRUD operations on Data Plans to decrease the time-to-data-quality and time to implement

    Compile-time feedback
  • Feedback developers can use to conform to a Data Plan—thereby limiting the likelihood of an implementation issue.

    Generate typesafe libraries
  • Programmatically generate a strongly typed client library across a variety of languages from a centrally defined Data Model

    Multiplatform code sharing
  • Built on Kotlin so that you can share your common Data Plan implementations across platforms (Android, iOS, web).

    Managed within codebase
  • Any changes to Data Plans result in a regenerated typesafe library that is always insync with the latest Data Plan