Simplify your data pipeline with mParticle

  • Access a single view of the customer

  • Build dynamic Audience segments

  • Connect data to your favorite tools and systems while supporting governance

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Access a single view of the customer

Unify data from multiple platforms and brands to persistent customer profiles, each with a unique MPID. Query profiles within the mParticle UI using User Activity view. Forward profiles to downstream tools for a universal ID throughout your tech stack.

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Build real-time audience segments

Define Audience segments in the mParticle UI by filtering for customer engagement history, attributes, and Calculated Attributes. Connect Audiences to 75+ audience integrations to power cross selling and re-marketing campaigns without relying on engineering for support.

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Manage identity, your way

Every company has their own process for defining and identifying customers. mParticle’s Identity Aliasing gives visibility and control over the management of known and anonymous user identities across all apps and platforms, allowing you to design an identity management framework suited to your customer journey.

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Simplify data governance

Address consent management at the point of data collection and control data forwarding based on consent to support regulatory compliance throughout downstream tools and systems. Process Data Subject Requests by submitting requests for GDPR and CCPA compliance with the OpenDSR API.

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