Data-driven personalization

LiveRamp for Targeting

Extend mParticle’s 275+ event and audience integrations to now include 550+ LiveRamp-powered integrations with leading measurement and media partners.

Liveramp targeting


What’s included?

    Audience Manager
  • Create audience segments based on historical or real-time data captured across apps, digital properties, and user activities.

    Nested audiences

  • Set up commonly-used membership criteria once, then apply them across all the relevant audiences with a simple workflow.

    Audience estimator

  • Get fast feedback on the audience and criteria size as you build.

    Audience sampler

  • Easily QA an audience by spot-checking a sample of included users in your audience

    Audience A/B testing

  • Experiment at scale to find the most effective way to target your messaging and distribute member lists to downstream tools

    Audience sharing

  • Share audiences created in your mParticle workspace with other brands within your organization or with partner organizations.

    Download audiences

  • Download your audiences to verify membership or send audiences lists to internal systems.

Real-time Audience Reach Extension


Segment your customer base in real time

Real-time audiences are calculated and updated on an ongoing basis, and changes to the audiences can be forwarded to audience partners in near real time.


Increase audience addressability

Combine first-party identifiers currently in mParticle with third-party identifiers beginning with LiveRamp’s Identity Graph—the largest deterministic graph on the open web, with more than 240 million consumers—to deliver personalized experiences anywhere, anytime.


Improve privacy controls and governance

Safeguard customer choice and privacy across all channels with improved customer profile management by combining user identifiers in mParticle with third-party identities.