GuidesMay 8, 2019

New eBook: Does your DMP spark joy?

A lot has changed since most brands first “hired” their DMP—GDPR, the rise of Walled Gardens, browser tracking preventions. Has your data strategy kept up?

DMPs are used by as many as 80% of B2C brands in the US to boost the efficacy of web advertising and personalization. But now many brands are re-evaluating their DMP’s underlying business case, where the technology sits in their organization, and even if they need one at all.  

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How to determine if your DMP is still fit for purpose
  • Why the ROI equation for most DMP’s has changed considerably
  • Three strategies to shore up your technology stack for a world of Walled Gardens, GDPR and third-party tracking preventions

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