Infographic: Qualitative analytics from AppSee

Check out this infographic to learn how mParticle and Appsee integrate to provide you with qualitative analytics for your Android or iOS app.

Using BI and analytics tools to gain a better understanding of the customer journey is essential to business success. In addition to running experiments, however, it’s equally as important to leverage results to deliver experiences that create value for customers. 

mParticle makes it possible to unify all of your customer data and analytics results in a single, unified platform, and further to activate those insights across channels in real-time for tangible business results. Appsee is a mobile app analytics platform that offers you powerful, qualitative analytics tools that enable you to track and optimize the UX in your app.

With mParticle and Appsee integration, it’s now possible to: 

  1. Use Appsee’s Qualitative Analytics to understand in-app metrics such as session events, conversions, crashes, and navigation paths
  2. Tie those results to persistent profiles within mParticle and use those learnings to inform marketing and product decisions across channels

To learn more, you can explore the infographic here

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