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Consumer finance data management with a CDP

Leading consumer finance brands know that they need to deliver the best experiences to customers wherever they are, be it in-branch, on the web, or on mobile. Learn how Venmo, Quicken Loans, Paga, Stocktwits, and Abra leverage the mParticle platform as their consumer finance data management foundation.

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Brands like Venmo, Quicken Loans, Paga, Stocktwits, and Abra leverage mParticle to power their modern customer experiences by easily connecting their consumer data to marketing and analytics tools, allowing them to govern data across all systems by creating a secure data layer that complies with privacy standards and preferences.

As a result, mParticle customers have formed the foundation to fuel growth with innovative technology, gain deeper insights, and provide best-in-class customer experiences across every level of their organization.


  • Improve marketer agility by providing direct access to compliant customer data with no reliance on other teams
  • Provide personalisation and relevance to the customer by accessing profile level data in real time, across any platform
  • Create user segments that update in real time to deploy across media campaigns to drive action or value to your customers.
  • Accelerate new tools’ time-to-value with 250+ pre-built integration partners and enhance existing technologies with enriched data
  • Avoid vendor lock-in


  • Leave no data behind by accessing granular, user-level data from Web, Mobile Apps, Connected Devices, Data Warehousing, CRM, Customer Support, Data Science Scores, etc.
  • Enable nuanced, multi-channel attribution analysis
  • View customers holistically, and aligned with their choices, to develop better recommendations with a single view of the entire customer journey
  • Increase testing and experimentation velocity to improve customer experience


  • Free up BI & Analytics teams from time spent wrangling data by cleansing and normalising data from different sources automatically with mParticle
  • Maintain product roadmap, not third-party code within your app.
  • Maximise your IT productivity by relieving IT from the onslaught of data requests and system integration projects
  • Master the fundamentals of proper data collection, management, and governance

Data security: Enterprise-grade at the core

Protect consumers’ privacy across devices, digital touch points, and technology partners with mParticle’s industry-leading data security and governance capabilities.

  • Certificate pinning is used to prevent intercept
  • Data is never co-mingled with other clients’ data
  • Automatically remove sensitive customer information
  • Hashed device and user identifiers supported
  • Data-in-transit is encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Data-at-rest is encrypted using 256-bit AES
  • Reduce the amount of engineering maintenance by sending data server-side via our custom-built API integrations (250+) that can be filtered to control what data is sent to each partner, or even instantly switch-off vendors
  • Role-based provisioning, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO)
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant and mParticle has received its SOC 2 Type II audit report

Nothing is more important to us at mParticle than the security of our customers’ data. Our ISO27001-compliant security program has been designed to ensure that data sent to mParticle and beyond is protected at every stage.

Will Rogers

Chief Information Security Officer, mParticle

Advanced Identity Resolution

Aid compliance with Financial Regulations

Modern consumers no longer have a single identity as they’ve shifted from In-Branch interaction to various touch points across web and mobile. mParticle offers a flexible and customisable Identity Resolution framework that allows companies to control how identities are linked across devices, channels, and properties. To ensure compliance, mParticle designed the Profile Isolation Strategy to maximise the integrity of each User Profile by preventing anonymous data from being stored with the data of logged-in users.

  • Under the Profile Isolation strategy, anytime a user creates an account, a new Identity Record and a new user profile is created.
  • Any anonymous data collected prior to the user signing up is not carried over to the new profile.

The Profile Isolation strategy was designed to ensure ongoing compliance with consumer protection and privacy laws. As a result, marketing and analytics teams can instantly activate a compliant and unified user profile across an ecosystem of 250+ marketing and analytics partners to improve targeting and measurement.

mParticle provides complete identity management, enabling clients to build and control their own strategic identity asset and power the best customer experiences, all while respecting consumer privacy choices.

Todd Schoenherr

SVP - Head of Identity Solutions, mParticle

Marketers and compliance teams are responsible for honouring consumers’ privacy preferences across all digital touch points.

mParticle’s Consent Management suite allows companies to seamlessly collect, store and activate consent across the entire customer journey. With mParticle you can automate data flows based on a customer’s defined choice:

  • Location
  • Retargeting
  • Transactional email
  • Analytics
  • Lawful basis
  • Custom

Collect: Collect consent, or other required lawful basis, across multiple devices, backend systems, and partners

Activate: Control what data is shared with your technology stack based on lawful basis, such as the purpose of given consent

Store: Provide proof of consent with the ability to search and view preferences on demand, supporting accountability

Unify: Tie consent permissions back to both anonymous or known users profiles

Share: Granularly manage permissions to share consented data permissions with partnered platforms in real time

Update: User profiles are kept up to date with the most recent consent decision.

Honour: Manage and fulfill data subject requests for access, erasure, and portability

While consent remains one basis to lawfully process data, data subject requests is yet another essential pillar. mParticle’s forward-thinking OpenGDPR framework is a collaborative effort to support data controllers’ accountability throughout the digital ecosystem, nurturing consumer trust.

Aurelie Pols

Data Protection Officer, mParticle

Use cases across the organization

mParticle is used in the Consumer Finance space to mitigate risk and govern data across all systems by creating a secure data layer that complies with privacy standards and preferences. As a result,  mParticle customers have formed the foundation to fuel growth with innovative technology, gain deeper insights, and provide best-in-class customer experiences.

If you'd like to learn more about how mParticle can help your consumer finance organization power your modern customer experiences by easily connecting and governing your consumer data across all systems while complying with privacy standards and preferences, get in touch!

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