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Amplify your customer data with AI

Combine real-time data quality and governance protections with AI-powered insights and predictions. Only with the mParticle Customer Data Platform.
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Trusted by innovative companies of all sizes:

Customer storiesCreated with Sketch.

Trusted by innovative companies of all sizes:Customer storiesCreated with Sketch.

M&S Customer Story

How Marks & Spencer drove revenue growth with real-time segmentation and personalization

Marketers drive growth and create the best experiences

Improve conversion, retention, and time-to-monetization with high-quality customer data, available wherever you need it.

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Build a single view of the customer

Optimize every experience by getting access to complete customer context. Unify each touch point, from anonymous to known, across every channel into a single profile.

Predict future outcomes and take action

Leverage the power of AI to proactively target likely-to-convert users or to mitigate churn risk.

Create real-time audiences

Segment users for targeting into dynamically updated lists and distribute them to leading marketing and advertising solutions with just a few clicks.

Design and analyze user journeys

Orchestrate multi-step, cross-channel sequences, and analyze results with Indicative journey analytics.

marketing solutions

Product Managers create more relevant customer experiences with better data

Build a first-party data foundation to scale customer engagement and reduce risk from perpetually changing technology, vendor, and privacy landscapes.

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Activate your best-of-breed stack

Power all of your tools, in real-time, with clean and reliable data, so your business can make the best decisions.

Break down data silos

Ensure all of your data stakeholders have access to the data they need. Align marketing, product, and data teams across a common data taxonomy.

Safeguard customer privacy

Exact granular controls to govern the flow of data, based on user privacy preferences. Automate GDPR, CPRA, and LGPD subject requests.

Explore your data with Journey Analytics

Get answers to questions such as “where do users drop off?” No SQL required.

Product Managers

Developers empower your organization with easier access to customer data

Simplify customer data management and streamline access to high quality customer data across your tech stack.

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Collect data from any source

Easily ingest data from your web, mobile, OTT, or cross-platform app.

Manage data quality

Define, correct, and enforce data standards with schema management and transformation tools.

Connect data to any tool, in real-time

Integrate with 300+ marketing, analytics, and data warehousing tools.

Improve performance with cleaner code


Your customer data, where you need it, faster

Connect your customer data to all the tools your team uses to drive growth.

Why mParticle

Businesses of all sizes choose mParticle

With unique capabilities and service for the largest, most complex enterprises and the flexibility and speed to serve growing startups, mParticle has you covered.


Best-in-class security, scalability, and reliability

Build your data foundation on the #1 trusted customer data platform.

Complete CDP

The most complete, purpose-built CDP

Build your first-party data foundation on the only CDP that offers an end-to-end solution for data management, analytics, orchestration, and predictive intelligence.


Trusted expertise

Put our extensive knowledge, deep relationships with data and analytics experts at leading consumer brands, and over 20+ years of executive team experience to work for you.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing to get started

Sign up for a free trial, or ask about our growth plans. 

CDP that grows

A CDP that grows with you

Future-proof your investment with a modular platform that scales with you from 0 to 100. Start with any combination of: data pipelines, analytics, audiences, AI prediction, or all of the above.


Best-in-class support

Our world-class services team is here to help you onboard quickly and successfully.

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