Simplify your customer data infrastructure

Collect customer data once through secure APIs and SDKs and connect it to all of your tools with mParticle's Customer Data Platform. Manage data quality, enforce governance, and drive better customer interactions.


Improve performance with cleaner code

Simplify and secure your customer data infrastructure so you can spend more time building, and less time maintaining marketing tools.

Product Managers

Modernize your data infrastructure

Collect and connect clean customer data to (and from) 300+ product analytics, A/B testing, marketing, and data warehousing tools with a secure and reliable API.

Growth Marketers

Drive growth, faster

Improve conversion, retention, and time-to-monetization with high-quality customer data, available wherever you need it.


Your customer data, where you need it, faster

Connect your customer data to all the tools your team uses to drive growth. Spend less time on vendor SDK implementations and third-party code management.

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