Data science teams want to spend more time with the data and less time getting it. mParticle takes the hassle out of collecting and organizing customer data so analysts can focus on developing insights and maximizing business outcomes.

mParticle for Analytics

Resolve customer identity across systems and devices into a single, unified profile

Simplify integrations

Scale data pipelines

Resolve Identity

Monitor activities and enforce privacy and security policies through automation

Collect, normalize, and stream data into your data warehouse, analytics, and BI platforms of choice

Stream customer data from mobile apps, web sites, and internal data warehouses in near real-time to answer business questions faster.

Improve media measurement, customer journey analytics, lifetime value modeling, and more by resolving customer identity data across disparate sources.

Use Javascript or AWS Lambda functions to cleanse and normalize data and programmatically enforce business rules.

Create a single customer view

Automate data preparation 

Accelerate time to value 

Trusted by the World’s Most Sophisticated Data Analytics Teams