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Understand customers' journeys to purchase in real time with User Activity VIew; access detailed customer profiles including identifiers, history, and beyond.

To understand your customers as individuals and create personalized one-to-one customer experiences,  you need access to a single customer view.

But, traditional marketing practices have not been able to deliver it. A customer might interact with your brand by searching for a product on their phone in the morning, clicking on an Instagram ad around lunch, then opening up your website after work, and these behaviors are all associated to different user profiles.

mParticle’s customer data platform provides industry-leading identity resolution capabilities and the ability to unify records into a single source of truth. Today, we are excited to introduce User Activity View (UAV), a new enhancement to those capabilities. This feature gives brands a real-time bird’s eye view of users that includes all identifiers, attributes, and history across devices and channel. Brands can think of User Activity View as a way to search for individual records containing all the details on a customer’s past interactions with their business.

Brands can search for a specific customer profile using an identifier such as email address, and mParticle will return all profiles featuring that email address in a matter of seconds.  

Comprehensive view

Clicking a search result yields a comprehensive record of all customer data collected to date, including the following:

  • User details: Identifiers such as email and customer ID and key performance metrics about users, such as first seen date and when they last visited the app
  • Devices: Device IDs and when they were last seen on that device
  • User attributes: Name, membership status, last purchase

mParticle will customize this view based on the types of data and key KPIs important to each brand. If you use a loyalty number as an identifier, for example, it will be displayed in the user detail section.

In addition to displaying first-party data collected directly from your digital properties, User Activity View also includes data from other cloud sources like attribution vendors and third-party sources, like demographic segments.

Event-level view

UAV also provides a timeline of a users’ activity across properties, channels, technology partners, and more.

This granular view is great for troubleshooting and customer journey analytics, especially when it comes to understanding the series of events that led to conversion, such as an app download or a purchase, for a high-value user. Contact us for more information!

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