Ask an mParticle Solutions Consultant: What is data quality?

In this video, Andy Wong, a senior leader on mParticle’s Solutions Consulting team, discusses what data quality means, why it is important prioritize, and the benefits of creating a centralized data planning team to oversee data quality.

Ask an mParticle Solutions Consultant: What is data quality?

In his experience partnering with mParticle's enterprise clients through the process like implementing a CDP, data planning sessions, and identity strategy development, Andy Wong has learned a thing or two about data quality. He has witnessed first hand the importance of investing in the internal processes, teams, and tools necessary to ensure that the data teams have at their disposal is accurate and actionable.

In this conversation, Andy examines what he believes to be the key pillars of data quality––timeliness, and comprehensibility. He also discusses some of the biggest challenges that he has seen customers face when it comes to protecting data quality, such. as the ever-evolving nature of customer data collection, and unaligned data needs across various teams in the organization.

Additionally, Andy dives into the many and varied benefits that enterprises can expect to realize when they invest in protecting data quality. Finally, Andy discusses the critical role that cross-functional data planning plays in the health of an organization's data, and makes the case for establishing a central data planning function within an organization that is responsible for overseeing data quality.

Interested in learning more about mParticle's data quality tools and templates can help with data quality? Watch this webinar!

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