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Turn customer journey insights into action with Indicative Segment Activation

Identifying friction in the user experience is key to increasing conversion rate. But generating insights is only half the battle. Learn how you can turn customer journey insights into strategic re-engagement campaigns at scale with Indicative Segment Activation.

The customer journey is becoming more complex than ever before. Customers are engaging everywhere, switching from one device to another faster than you can say “Hey, Siri!” 

Marketing and Growth teams often leverage journey analytics solutions, such as Indicative, to make sense of customer engagement. By designing multi-step funnels, teams can generate customer journey insights such as how customers are getting to purchase—and more importantly, where in the conversion funnel users are dropping off. 

But generating customer journey insights is only half the battle. To maximize customer conversions, marketers need to be able to turn insights into action by automatically re-engaging users that have dropped off. 

With many journey analytics solutions, activating journey insights requires manual work, such as downloading a segment of users from one tool and uploading to another, making it difficult to scale re-engagement campaigns. 

Now, with Indicative Segment Activation, it’s easier than ever to sync customer journey insights from Indicative to mParticle, from where they can be streamed to 80+ Audience destinations automatically to power strategic re-engagement campaigns. By unlocking customer insights and automating engagement programs at scale, brands can develop a powerful customer decisioning engine at the foundation of their martech stack and improve the ROI of their marketing programs across channels.

Use Cases

Reduce cart abandonment with follow-up email campaigns

There’s nothing worse than driving customers to add your products to cart, only to then abandon cart–particularly when you’ve invested your paid budget to bring them to your site! In such circumstances, it’s critical to be able to follow-up with those users before they make a purchase with a competitor. 

Using Indicative Segment Activation, it’s easy to identify when customers are abandoning cart and sync those insights to mParticle. Leveraging mParticle’s enterprise-grade Audience integrations with leading engagement tools, such as Iterable and Braze, you can power strategic email campaigns to re-engage customers in the moments that matter most. 

Improve onboarding conversion rate with strategic push notifications 

Driving successful sign-ups is critical for developing a healthy user base. Using Indicative, it’s easy to design journeys that visualize how users are progressing through your onboarding funnel. 

With insights on major friction points within your funnel, you can leverage Segment Activation to sync segments of stuck users to mParticle, from where they can be streamed to mobile engagement tools of your choice to power push notification reminders. No development work required. 

Ready to turn your customer insights into action with Indicative Segment Activation? Get in touch with our team for a custom demo here

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