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Load data to Snowflake data warehouse

Learn how mParticle's Snowflake integration can help you warehouse your customer data more efficiently and securely at scale with automated data exports, advanced filtering and compliance, and easier querying.

Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud with instant computing elasticity, which allows organizations to scale their data processes as demand increases. Using the new Snowflake integration, mParticle customers can instantly populate their Snowflake data warehouse with clean customer data ingested by the mParticle platform. This integration provides brands with automated data exportation, advanced filtering and compliance features, data replays, and data table views for easier, faster, and more stable customer data warehousing at scale.

Automated data exports

One of Snowflake's most useful capabilities is its efficient handling of JSON data. With mParticle, brands can automatically export data points from customer engagements across their entire stack to their Snowflake data warehouse as JSON files. This automated data export takes out the manual processes and ensures that the customer data in your warehouses are as up to date as possible.

Advanced filtering and compliance

Brands using the mParticle Snowflake integration have granular control over exactly what data is sent to their Snowflake data warehouses with advanced filtering. This advanced filtering ensures that brands send only the most pertinent customer data to their warehouses and can help curb warehousing costs caused by unnecessary data importation.

This granular control over customer data forwarding can also help companies comply with data privacy regulations. mParticle keeps your entire data ecosystem compliant with GDPR data subject rights by managing and fulfilling your data subject deletion requests. Using this integration, companies can rest easy that they are making the most of their customer data while ensuring that they respect customer's privacy.

Minimize downtime

mParticle tolerates integration downtime by maintaining your data for up to 30 days without an active connection. In the case of extended downtime, we can perform a replay of your data to Snowflake.

Easier querying

To improve ease of querying both directly and from BI platforms, mParticle creates views on top of snowflake tables to expose each JSON field as a column so that BI platforms and users can run regular SQL queries.

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