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Data Master: Great data, easier than ever.

Instrument and maintain a unified data strategy that is flexible, extensible, and fully transparent to everyone in the organization with Data Master.

mParticle product feature: Data Master

Great customer experiences begin with great customer data, yet getting your data to a clean, hygienic state is often easier said than done. Personalization strategies based on unreliable data can lead to wasted marketing spend, irrelevant offers, misguided product investments, and organizational misalignment. The challenge is that, more often than not, you only realize your data is unreliable after you’ve experienced the consequences.

Maintaining a comprehensive and accurate source of customer truth is riddled with challenges, especially when dealing with thousands of events, hundreds of systems, and numerous teams. The main challenges that organizations run into with respect to their customer data:

  • Data instrumentation is complex
  • Tagging is prone to human error and usually doesn’t scale
  • Debugging is frustrating and time-consuming for engineers

To ensure you’re working with clean data, large brands need a platform-based approach to monitoring and maintaining customer data, that can scale securely at an enterprise level and provide you with a way to introduce total quality management (TQM) to your data processes. That’s why we’re excited to launch Data Master, providing mParticle customers with a centralized view of all the data that’s being collected by our platform. With this master view, you can instrument and maintain a unified data strategy that is flexible, extensible, and fully transparent to everyone in the organization.

Improve your data strategy with Data Master

mParticle already enables you to collect, cleanse, transform, and activate data across your entire tech stack; now with the release of Data Master, you can get full transparency into the flow of your data and more easily identify any issues, errors, or discrepancies in your instrumentations.

Ultimately, Data Master helps you to build the golden customer record before connecting that data across your stack to ensure that downstream systems are receiving clean and consistent data.  Data Master will broaden data trust, understanding, and literacy across stakeholders within your organization, and across your partners.

Data Master will provide our team with a simple way to see all of the data mParticle is collecting in one place, so we can debug and democratize data, and maintain data continuity more easily.

Eliza DeMarseilles

Mobile Product Manager,

Apply total quality management to your data supply chain

Data Master injects greater transparency and control into your data pipeline and provides an easy way to view exactly what data is being collected by mParticle, where it is being collected, and how it is being used.

The main view provides an intuitive UI with a central repository where you can search and browse through a complete list of events being collected, including Input, status, category, event context, where it’s being shared, and naming across tools.

mParticle product feature: Data Master

Then, with Event Input and Output stats, you can quickly compare data to ensure quality and consistency. If you find there are inconsistencies, it’s easy to home in on the source of data discrepancies before data is sent to downstream systems.

The Inputs screen allows you to see where an Event originates from, the method of collection, and volume of Events ingested.

mParticle product feature: Data Master

You can also validate data counts in your partner integrations by looking at Forwarded vs. Received throughput rates to quickly identify potential data discrepancies.

mParticle product feature: Data Master

With the ability to audit the data pipeline, engineers and product managers can identify and resolve issues faster than ever, while diminishing their reliance on manual tracking processes.

Speak a common data language across your organization

Data Master also closes the gap between engineering and business stakeholders by providing human-understandable, contextual information for every event data point.

mParticle product feature: Data Master

A business analyst or marketer can use the events detail page to quickly understand what  each event label means, what it’s used for, how it’s named in partner platforms, where it’s coming from, and what attributes are associated with the event without having to rely on engineering or product management for the information.

mParticle product feature: Data Master

Meanwhile, product managers and engineers can add and edit the descriptions and other metadata of specific events to ensure everyone has a common understanding as new events are introduced or updated.

You also have the option to add other event names, including old naming conventions and partner naming conventions. Instead of relying on a manual mapping table, marketers, product managers, and engineers can refer to the Events detail page to see how events map across their stack.

mParticle product feature: Data Master

With all of this information readily available for every member of your organization, business stakeholders are empowered to make data-driven decisions with a full understanding of the data being used.

Data Master is now available in the mParticle platform. If you’d like to learn more about how it can help you unify your data strategy, validate your data, and empower your organization to make data-driven decision, feel free to reach out or email your customer success manager to get started! Interested in staying up to date with mParticle and the greater digital marketing ecosystem? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

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