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Get ready for iOS 12

In just a few days, Apple will be releasing iOS 12. Is your app ready to support this new software? With a mobile data layer like mParticle, you could be ready to support iOS 12 in as little as one day.

With a mobile data layer like mParticle, you could be ready to support iOS 12 in as little as one day.

Apple releases new software every year aimed at improving the user experience, and while the updates are great for users, it can create mountains of development work. Every update requires that developers test all SDKs installed in their app to ensure they are compatible with the latest software. Most times, developers will have to upgrade every third-party SDK installed, and with most apps featuring on average 18 SDKs, one update can translate to 100+ of hours of development work.

But, that doesn’t have to be the case. mParticle acts as an agility layer, using a single SDK to collect data once and forward it to over 250 marketing, analytics, and BI tools with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need to implement and maintain multiple SDKs, freeing up resources to focus on core product development while giving marketers access to the tools they need to drive results.

Since Apple announced iOS 12, mParticle has been extensively testing the software to ensure our SDKs and our integrations are compatible. Once the software is officially released, brands with the mParticle iOS SDK installed in their apps can rest assured knowing their app and entire technology stack will be compatible with the new software and iPhones. In addition, mParticle will support both Xcode 9 and the new Xcode 10 while teams transition to the new software.

With the update, mParticle will now support new iOS 12 features including:

  • Siri shortcuts - This feature allows you to create shortcuts for common tasks you complete throughout the day. For example, tell Siri to order coffee or Venmo someone for a trip. mParticle will allow you to collect data on these shortcuts to better understand customers behavior patterns.
  • Rich notifications - This feature provides the ability to access app features via a notification being viewed on the lock screen. Similar to iOS extensions, this is intended to improve accessibility to app features without having to physically open the app. mParticle can collect data to help marketers understand what notifications users are interacting with and what actions they are taking.
  • Push permissions - This feature is part of a major theme of iOS 12, giving users the power to personalize their experience by making it easier to turn off notifications. This means marketers must work harder to deliver relevant messages to the right audience while ensuring consent permissions are captured and honored in real time, and mParticle offers features like AudienceSync and consent management to do just that.

Contact us to learn how mParticle can help you reduce development time for software updates like iOS 12!

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