mParticle ProductMarch 20, 2023

Get more value out of your loyalty data with the mParticle Paytronix integration

The Paytronix all-in-one digital guest engagement platform can now be easily connected to the mParticle Customer Data Platform.

More than 20 years ago, Paytronix helped pioneer restaurant loyalty. Today the company is innovating across online ordering, messaging, CRM, gift cards, marketplace management, and mobile apps to help restaurants and convenience stores set a gold standard for digital customer engagement programs. 

With the new mParticle Paytronix integration, brands can extend the reach of their digital guest engagement programs by connecting guest data in Paytronix to mParticle, where it can be activated across numerous customer engagement channels via mParticle’s integration network. 

mParticle and Paytronix

Paytronix is a digital guest engagement platform that offers a suite of solutions to restaurants, convenience stores, and other retailers building fast, frictionless, and personalized guest experiences. Paytronix continually advances digital guest engagement by developing technologies that uncover new insights about guest attitudes and behaviors that create brand preferences.

mParticle is an AI-powered Customer Data Platform that helps brands turn customer data into insights, and insights into action. By collecting data from across sources, creating a 360° customer view, and streaming data to downstream tools through 300+ productized integrations, mParticle enables teams to deliver real-time, personalized experiences that are consistent across channels.

By connecting data from Paytronix to mParticle, brands can unify all their guest data on 360-degree customer profiles, derive insights, and deliver hyper-personalized experiences across every consumer touchpoint with little-to-no development work.


With a complete view of guest engagement, data-driven teams are empowered to unlock more value from their first-party data set.

360-degree view of the customer

Loyalty and CRM data is a brand’s most valuable customer dataset.  Unifying loyalty data with data from other sources (digital products, other martech vendors, 3rd party data, etc) is difficult for many brands. 

The mParticle Paytronix integration enables brands to unify guest data across sources and automatically resolve cross-device data to 360-degree customer profiles—including data types that often do not reside in Paytronix, such as unauthenticated/anonymous user interactions on digital products. By unifying loyalty data from Paytronix to holistic customer profiles in mParticle, teams can eliminate time spent trying to stitch profiles together and focus on analyzing the customer journey, delivering tailored experiences to all guests, and building loyalty.

Expand the reach of Paytronix’s digital guest engagement platform

Using the integration, brands can easily connect data, insights, and targeting strategies set in Paytronix to mParticle, from where they can then be activated across mParticle’s 300+ integrations in real-time. This dramatically expands the ways in which brands can use the data available Paytronix, making it possible to inform experiences that live beyond the company’s core channels (loyalty, online ordering, messaging, CRM, gift cards, marketplace management, and mobile apps).

We are beyond excited to announce this new partnership, combining two incredibly powerful platforms.  To learn more about how to get started with mParticle and Paytronix, schedule a custom demo here

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