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Deliver personalized loyalty experiences with the mParticle PAR Punchh integration

Power better loyalty experiences by forwarding high-quality customer data from mParticle to Punchh, and ingest loyalty insights from Punchh to mParticle to keep 360-degree customer profiles up-to-date.

Restaurant and convenience store brands have the opportunity to use data and technology to deliver one-to-one guest experiences. By designing personal greetings, tailored recommendations, and timely offers, brands can deliver the personal touch of a local diner at the national, or even international, scale. Furthermore, by serving a consistent experience across web, mobile, and in-store touchpoints, brands can increase customer engagement and drive lifetime value.

But what appears to customers to be a seamless, cross-channel experience in reality requires a network of integrated systems under the hood. For many restaurant brands, unifying purchase data, loyalty recommendations, app engagement data, and more, and activating that information to deliver targeted, timely experiences, requires dozens if not hundreds of hours of custom development and ongoing maintenance. Now, with the mParticle and PAR’s Punchh integration, marketing teams can connect critical data systems in just a few clicks and deliver personalized loyalty experiences without engineering support.

mParticle and PAR’s Punchh

Punchh provides a single platform in which brands can manage loyalty, offers, and data-driven engagement. Loyalty programs are unique to every company, so Punchh provides unique and customizable functionality for the loyalty programs that brands can offer.

mParticle is a Customer Data Platform that enables teams to collect and connect customer data in real time which supports data quality and privacy management, access unified customer profiles, and define segmentation, journey building, and AI insights for personalization.

By connecting loyalty and purchase data from PAR’s Punchh to mParticle, marketing teams are able to access a more complete view of customer engagement and deliver better loyalty experiences.

How it works


  1. Customer data is ingested into mParticle from mobile apps, websites, and server-side environments via mParticle native SDKs and S2S APIs
  2. mParticle unifies customer data to 360 customer profiles, merging activity from across devices and linking anonymous and known activity based on deterministic identity resolution.
  3. Customer profiles are forwarded from mParticle to Punchh in real time.
  4. Audiences created in mParticle can be connected to Punchh, where they will appear as custom lists.
  5. Customer data received from mParticle can be used to power personalized loyalty experiences designed in Punchh.
  6. Punchh forwards loyalty, transaction and engagement data to mParticle, where it is tied to 360 customer profiles. This data can then be connected to any of mParticle’s 300+ integration connections without any custom development.


Utilizing Punchh and mParticle in tandem helps marketing teams drive customer value while also improving efficiency.

Comprehensive 360 customer view

As brands continue to expand the number of channels, platforms, and teams creating and accessing data, it becomes increasingly difficult to build out a centralized comprehensive guest profile.  This problem compounds as the number and types of sources and destinations expand as brands inevitably make changes to their customer experience technology stack.    

The mParticle Punchh integration allows brands to establish a comprehensive first party data asset that builds upon the loyalty dataset in Punchh, incorporating IDs and data types that do not reside in Punchh (ex: unauthenticated / anonymous users that interact with a brands digital properties).

Through mParticle’s native data collection and ingestion capabilities, and 300 integrations, mParticle is ideally suited to help brands build out a robust 360 degree customer review.  Further to this, data generated in Punchh can now be easily sent to mParticle and tied to customer profiles.

Activate loyalty data across channels

Once loyalty data has been unified with behavioral data in mParticle, marketing teams have the ability to use mParticle’s personalization functionality to generate predictive insights, build real-time audiences, define multichannel journeys, and connect all of their guest data to their preferred advertising, CRM, customer service, and analytics tools without any development work.

For example, marketing teams could:

  • Create an Audience of loyalty members that are eligible for a coupon and connect it to Iterable to power a targeted push notification
  • Forward app engagement data and POS transaction data to Mixpanel to understand what behaviors are leading to purchase
  • Generate predictive insights on how likely each customer is to join a loyalty program in the future based on historical engagements.

Make more data available in Punchh 

In addition to forwarding data from Punchh to mParticle, the integration also allows teams to connect data in mParticle to Punchh, through a raw data Event integration and/or an Audience integration, where a user list created in mParticle will sync with Punchh and appear as custom list. Once in Punchh, this data can then be used to power loyalty campaigns and communications. For example, Punchh’s engagement capabilities allow you to use lists to send personalized offers through text, email, and push, or to deliver hyper-local promotions and marketing controls for franchises - this targeting can now be informed by any data available in mParticle.

To learn more about how to get started with mParticle and Punchh, schedule a custom demo here.

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