mParticle ProductApril 30, 2015

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single-sign on (SSO) support

Keeping your data and your customers' data secure is a priority for mParticle. That's why we intrduced MFA and SSO, so you can rest assured that access is regulated.

Announcing multi-factor authentication support

We are pleased to announce two new security features today! mParticle now supports multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is an important addition to your existing password to prevent unauthorized access to your account. After setting up MFA, you will be prompted to provide a one time code generated by either a mobile app or hardware token. Please contact your mParticle account manager for more information on MFA support.


Announcing SAML 2.0 single sign-on support

We are also announcing support for SAML-based federated single sign-on. SSO lets you use your existing authentication systems and policies for access to the mParticle platform. SSO also helps maintain data security by decreasing the number of additional employee accounts you must manage. Please contact your mParticle account manager for more information on setting up single sign-on on your account.

These updates reinforce our commitment to clients around data security and privacy, which is particularly important as companies continue the shift from simply embracing mobile to actually building sustainable and secure businesses on mobile.

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