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Partner Spotlight: POSSIBLE Mobile

Learn how POSSIBLE Mobile, helps brands drive omnichannel growth by effectively leveraging the mParticle platform. POSSIBLE Mobile

POSSIBLE Mobile marries strategy, experience, and software development to deliver can’t fail apps across iOS and Android as well as connected devices like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Kindle Fire TV, and Alexa. Their team of engineers, designers, UI/UX experts, strategists, and account managers start with the consumer experience and work backwards to develop top-tier, digital products that are intuitive, appealing, and consistently engaging.

As an mParticle certified partner, POSSIBLE Mobile has exhibited their ability to help brands drive omnichannel growth by effectively leveraging the mParticle platform. mParticle acts as a foundational data layer, allowing mutual customers like Jetblue and Turner Sports to create engaging customer experiences with access to 175+ of the leading marketing analytics tools.

The Evolution of POSSIBLE Mobile:

  • 2008 – Xcellent Creations (an original company) formed; iNetwork Test app reaches #22 on the Top 100; and Double Encore formed (also an original company)
  • 2010 – Massively Overrated is acquired, Jay Graves joins as CTO; MLS and PGA Championship app launched
  • 2012 – JetBlue’s first mobile app for iOS and Android completed
  • 2013 – Double Encore announces merger with Xcellent Creations and launches
  • 2014 – WPP announces that its wholly-owned company, POSSIBLE, the global digital agency, has acquired Double Encore which is now POSSIBLE Mobile
  • 2015 – PGA TOUR app wins MediaPost Appy award; MLS and Pac-12 are featured on the Google Cast app
  • 2016 – POSSIBLE Mobile Atlanta office opens; POSSIBLE Mobile and Medidata create PARADE, the 1st pharma-led ResearchKit app for GSK

Who works with POSSIBLE Mobile?

To learn more about POSSIBLE Mobile:

  • Read the blog post: What’s next for mobile technology?
  • Read & Download POSSIBLE Mobile’s POV Magazine
  • Listen to POSSIBLE Mobile’s podcast series: The Art of Mobile Persuasion
  • Follow POSSIBLE Mobile on Twitter & LinkedIn

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