Press ReleasesJune 14, 2023

mParticle introduces industry first unbundled pricing model to enhance customization and optimize costs

New value-based pricing enables greater composability and an improved platform experience.


New York, June 14, 2023 – mParticle, an AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP), today unveiled its new value-based pricing. This revolutionary model empowers brands with unparalleled control and flexibility to compose a customized data stack that fits their unique needs, while optimizing costs and maximizing system performance.

In today's economic environment, data and marketing teams across all industries are optimizing for efficient growth and scrutinizing costs. Recognizing this shift, mParticle’s new value-based pricing model allows teams to improve cost efficiency while maintaining value and performance, evolving from a legacy model based on usage caps and overages, to one that better supports flexibility and configurability.

Legacy pricing models for customer data platforms often suffer from cost-to-value misalignment. Traditional user profile-based pricing models charge the same price per user, irrespective of the user's level of engagement and ultimately, the value to the brand. Similarly, traditional Event-based pricing models assign a uniform price to each Event, regardless of its intended use, and the subsequent value realized. 

mParticle’s value-based pricing offers an innovative solution to solve these challenges by moving beyond a one size fits all approach. Teams can designate Event tiers within the mParticle UI, aligning each data point with an intended use case. For example:

  • For data streaming use cases, Events can be designated as ephemeral in nature within the platform without incurring storage and compute costs. This creates a zero data copy solution and eliminates excess costs. 
  • For customer 360° and data replay use cases, teams can designate Events to be stored but maintained separately from high-compute activities. 
  • For audience targeting and personalization use cases, Events designated as such will help brands optimize costs by reducing inefficiencies in which data is stored and accessed for real-time calculations such as audience segmentation, customer journey orchestration, and profile enrichment. 

“With mParticle’s new pricing model, we have improved the efficiency of our platform costs without sacrificing usage and value,” describes Ramya Chekuri, Senior Director of Data at Equinox. “The ability to tier our events and optimize our costs as our data volumes continue to grow is critical for delivering impactful customer experiences at scale.”

The new pricing model not only creates greater efficiency and value-to-price alignment, but also unlocks a set of best in class product offerings. Rather than a legacy model constrained by caps, overages, and penalties — teams can purchase credits that can be applied toward the usage of any component within the mParticle platform. Moreover, the offering provides a boost to system performance and allows for greater lookback windows on real-time audience calculations.

“Value-based Pricing helps our customers eliminate waste and get the most value out of their CDP investment,” said Chee Chew, Chief Product Officer at mParticle. "In this macroeconomic climate where all companies are being more cautious about their spending, we want to provide customers with the best value-to-price ratio possible."

To learn more about Value-Based Pricing, visit our pricing page.

About mParticle

mParticle is an AI-driven Customer Data Platform that powers the entire customer data stack by combining data quality and compliance protections with rich insights and predictions. Companies like NBCUniversal, JetBlue, and Venmo use mParticle to simplify their customer data infrastructure, maximize the value of their data, and accelerate growth at scale. mParticle has raised nearly $300M in funding. Founded in 2013, mParticle is headquartered in New York City with employees around the globe.

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