Simplify your data pipeline

  • Collect data from across channels

  • Manage data quality

  • Build and connect dynamic Audience segments

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Collect data with native SDKs

Streamline your data collection by implementing mParticle native SDKs across mobile and web. Collect customer data once and forward downstream to your favorite vendors in real time, allowing marketing to access the data they need when they need it and engineering to spend less time on third-party code management.

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Manage data quality

Ensure data accuracy, consistency, and completeness at the point of collection, improving data quality throughout your entire tech stack. Establish a Data Plan within the UI, surface any plan violations in the Live Stream, and optionally Block bad data from being forwarded to downstream systems. Turn your data plans into usable, typesafe code with Smartype to generate statically-typed data models based on the popular JSON schema standard.

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Build Real-time Audiences

Define rich Audience segments based on data collected from across channels in the UI. Connect Audiences to downstream systems such as Salesforce and Liveramp via packaged Audience integrations, and A/B test Audiences to compare downstream channels.

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