Simplify your data pipeline

  • Collect data from across channels

  • Build unified customer profiles

  • Power personalized customer experiences

Build a single view of the customer

Modern customers engage across mobile apps and websites, at home and on-the-go. mParticle enables you to unify data from across channels to persistent customer profiles that can be used to power contextual marketing and understand the customer journey.

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Increase customer lifetime value with real-time personalization

Leverage high quality customer data to power cross-sell, upsell, and re-engagement campaigns that increase customer lifetime value. Build dynamic customer segments with mParticle Audiences, or activate customer profiles for one-to-one personalization with Profile API.

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Future-proof your data strategy

Build your data strategy around business objectives, not the tools in your stack. Increase flexibility by moving vendor tools from the client-side to the server-side. Control how data is forwarded to downstream tools with plug and play integrations, and compare performance across tools with Audience A/B testing.

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Manage identity throughout the customer journey

Design an identity architecture that makes sense for your business. Manage customer data from anonymous, first time engagements through to registered and loyal usage. Build an identity strategy where rider and driver profile data can be solved for individually, but addressed holistically.

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